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HVLUPPE-All stops22:45On time0 mins
HVLWELL-All stops23:05
HVLUPPE-All stops23:15On time28 mins
HVLUPPE-All stops23:45
HVLWELL-All stops04:35
HVLWELL-All stops05:35
HVLUPPE-All stops06:30
HVLUPPE-All stops06:48
HVLUPPE-All stops07:24
HVLUPPE-All stops07:48
HVLUPPE-All stops08:08
HVLWELL-All stops08:25
HVLUPPE-All stops08:27
HVLWELL-All stops08:45
HVLUPPE-All stops08:47
HVLWELL-All stops09:05
HVLUPPE-All stops09:10
HVLWELL-All stops09:25
HVLUPPE-All stops09:30
HVLWELL-All stops09:45
HVLUPPE-All stops09:50
HVLWELL-All stops10:05
HVLUPPE-All stops10:10
HVLWELL-All stops10:25
HVLUPPE-All stops10:30
HVLWELL-All stops10:45
HVLUPPE-All stops10:50
HVLWELL-All stops11:05
HVLUPPE-All stops11:10
HVLWELL-All stops11:25
HVLUPPE-All stops11:30
HVLWELL-All stops11:45
HVLUPPE-All stops11:50
HVLWELL-All stops12:05
HVLUPPE-All stops12:10
HVLWELL-All stops12:25
HVLUPPE-All stops12:30
HVLWELL-All stops12:45
HVLUPPE-All stops12:50
HVLWELL-All stops13:05
HVLUPPE-All stops13:10
HVLWELL-All stops13:25
HVLUPPE-All stops13:30
HVLWELL-All stops13:45
HVLUPPE-All stops13:50
HVLWELL-All stops14:05
HVLUPPE-All stops14:10
HVLWELL-All stops14:25
HVLUPPE-All stops14:30
HVLWELL-All stops14:45
HVLUPPE-All stops14:50
HVLWELL-All stops15:05
HVLUPPE-All stops15:10
HVLWELL-All stops15:25
HVLUPPE-All stops15:30
HVLWELL-All stops15:44
HVLUPPE-All stops15:46
HVLUPPE-All stops15:52
HVLWELL-All stops16:07
HVLUPPE-All stops16:10
HVLUPPE-All stops16:31
HVLUPPE-All stops16:51
HVLWELL-All stops17:09
HVLUPPE-All stops17:11
HVLWELL-All stops17:27
HVLUPPE-All stops17:31
HVLWELL-All stops17:46
HVLUPPE-All stops17:47
HVLUPPE-All stops17:56
HVLWELL-All stops18:12
HVLUPPE-All stops18:17
HVLWELL-All stops18:35
HVLUPPE-All stops18:39
HVLWELL-All stops19:05
HVLUPPE-All stops19:15
HVLWELL-All stops19:35
HVLUPPE-All stops19:45
HVLWELL-All stops20:05
HVLUPPE-All stops20:15
HVLUPPE-All stops20:45
HVLWELL-All stops21:05
HVLUPPE-All stops21:15
HVLUPPE-All stops21:45

Relevant alerts for stop Trentham Station

18:19 20 January 2023

Pomare Station: Wheelchair ramp access to board trains is limited to southern carriages due to construction on the platform.

If you require the wheelchair ramp to board your service, please go to the Wellington end carriage and notify one of our staff members. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Valid from 15:47, Friday 20 January to 23:59, Monday 31 July

14:22 31 January 2023

Ed Sheeran Concert: Extra services and capacity after the concert – Thursday 2 February

Extra capacity before the concert and extra services and capacity after the concert on the Hutt, Kāpiti, and Johnsonville Lines. Metlink Explorer tickets or Snapper are now the best available ticketing options.

Valid from 09:00, Thursday 2 February to 02:00, Friday 3 February

21:08 1 February 2023

Buses replace some trains on the Hutt Valley Line today - Thursday 2 February

Wellington to Upper Hutt: 6:08am, 7:47am, 8:30am, 2:30pm, 4:57pm Upper Hutt to Wellington: 7:00am, 8:40am, 9:20am, 3:20pm, 5:41pm Wellington to Taita: 4:29pm Taita to Wellington: 6:40am, 5:01pm Capacity on these replacement services is limited.

Valid from 04:30, Thursday 2 February to 23:59, Thursday 2 February

12:38 2 February 2023

Extra services for Ed Sheeran Concert this afternoon on Hutt Valley Line.

4:33 pm service Taita to Wellington. 5:49 pm service Taita express to Waterloo, Petone, and Wellington. 6:10 pm service Taita express to Waterloo, Petone, and Wellington. 6:38 pm service Taita express to Waterloo, Petone, and Wellington.

Valid from 12:08, Thursday 2 February to 23:59, Thursday 2 February

19:41 2 February 2023

Buses replace all services between Wellington and Upper Hutt – Saturday 4 to Monday 6 February

Please allow extra time for travel. Metlink website timetable highlights train trips affected in pink. See bus replacement timetable (PDF) for bus departure times.

Valid from 05:00, Saturday 4 February to 01:00, Tuesday 7 February

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