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KPLWAIK-All stops23:28
KPLWELL-All stops23:46On time35 mins
KPLWELL-All stops05:46
KPLWAIK-All stops06:06
KPLWELL-All stops06:16
KPLWELL-All stops06:29
KPLWAIK-All stops06:34
KPLWELL-All stops07:01
KPLWAIK-All stops07:04
KPLPORI-All stops07:17
KPLWELL-All stops07:18
KPLWAIK-All stops07:24
KPLWELL-All stops07:25
KPLWELL-All stops07:37
KPLWAIK-All stops07:45
KPLWELL-All stops07:50
KPLWELL-All stops07:53
KPLWAIK-All stops08:12
KPLWELL-All stops08:13
KPLWAIK-All stops08:27
KPLWELL-All stops08:33
KPLWAIK-All stops08:47
KPLWELL-All stops08:52
KPLWAIK-All stops09:07
KPLWELL-All stops09:11
KPLWAIK-All stops09:27
KPLWELL-All stops09:31
KPLWAIK-All stops09:47
KPLWELL-All stops09:51
KPLWELL-All stops10:06
KPLWAIK-All stops10:07
KPLWELL-All stops10:26
KPLWAIK-All stops10:27
KPLWELL-All stops10:46
KPLWAIK-All stops10:47
KPLWELL-All stops11:06
KPLWAIK-All stops11:07
KPLWELL-All stops11:26
KPLWAIK-All stops11:27
KPLWELL-All stops11:46
KPLWAIK-All stops11:47
KPLWELL-All stops12:06
KPLWAIK-All stops12:07
KPLWELL-All stops12:26
KPLWAIK-All stops12:27
KPLWELL-All stops12:46
KPLWAIK-All stops12:47
KPLWELL-All stops13:06
KPLWAIK-All stops13:07
KPLWELL-All stops13:26
KPLWAIK-All stops13:27
KPLWELL-All stops13:46
KPLWAIK-All stops13:47
KPLWELL-All stops14:06
KPLWAIK-All stops14:07
KPLWELL-All stops14:26
KPLWAIK-All stops14:27
KPLWELL-All stops14:46
KPLWAIK-All stops14:47
KPLWELL-All stops15:06
KPLWAIK-All stops15:07
KPLPORI-All stops15:15
KPLWELL-All stops15:26
KPLWAIK-All stops15:27
KPLPORI-All stops15:35
KPLWELL-All stops15:36
KPLWELL-All stops15:48
KPLPORI-All stops15:55
KPLWELL-All stops16:06
KPLPORI-All stops16:15
KPLWELL-All stops16:28
KPLWELL-All stops16:35
KPLPORI-All stops16:35
KPLWELL-All stops16:51
KPLPORI-All stops16:55
KPLWELL-All stops17:06
KPLPORI-All stops17:15
KPLWELL-All stops17:26
KPLPORI-All stops17:35
KPLWELL-All stops17:46
KPLPORI-All stops17:55
KPLWELL-All stops18:06
KPLPORI-All stops18:15
KPLWELL-All stops18:27
KPLWAIK-All stops18:28
KPLWELL-All stops18:36
KPLWELL-All stops18:51
KPLWAIK-All stops18:58
KPLWELL-All stops19:27
KPLWAIK-All stops19:28
KPLWELL-All stops19:46
KPLWAIK-All stops19:58
KPLWELL-All stops20:16
KPLWAIK-All stops20:28
KPLWELL-All stops20:46
KPLWAIK-All stops20:58
KPLWELL-All stops21:16
KPLWAIK-All stops21:28
KPLWELL-All stops21:46
KPLWAIK-All stops21:58

Relevant alerts for stop Redwood Station

14:27 26 May 2023

Buses replacing trains are not guaranteed to have bike racks during the holiday weekend - 2 to 6 June, King's Birthday weekend.

Most buses replacing trains do not have bike racks. Buses that do have bike racks can only carry two bikes, and spaces are first come first serve.

Valid from 18:15, Friday 2 June to 23:15, Tuesday 6 June

10:29 29 May 2023

Buses replace all services between Wellington and Waikanae – Saturday 3 to Monday 5 June

Please allow extra time for travel. Metlink website timetable highlights train trips affected in pink. See bus replacement timetable (PDF) for bus departure times.

Valid from 05:00, Saturday 3 June to 01:00, Tuesday 6 June

More information

16:39 30 May 2023

Buses replace some evening services between Wellington and Porirua – Tuesday 6 to Wednesday 7 June

Please allow extra time for travel. Metlink website timetable highlights train trips affected in pink. Buses to Porirua depart Wellington station earlier than normal. See bus replacement timetable (PDF) for bus departure times.

Valid from 20:00, Tuesday 6 June to 00:30, Wednesday 7 June

More information

10:43 31 May 2023

Buses replacing trains for Hurricanes vs Crusaders game – Saturday 3 June

Limited buses replacing trains before and after the game. Seek other transport or delay travel where possible.

Valid from 05:00, Saturday 3 June to 21:00, Saturday 3 June

More information

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