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Zone 14 | Stop Timetable

Stop database last updated Sunday April 14

1953St Matthew's College (opposite)14600m SW
1945St Matthew's College (school stop)14600m SW
1954Cole Street (Marae Health Centre)14900m SW
1952Cole Street at Kummer Crescent141000m SW
1891Fraser Street at Ballance Street141000m W
1853Masterton - Chapel Street (hail and ride)141000m SE
1852Masterton District Council (hail and ride)141000m SE
1880Wairarapa College - Renall Street141000m S
1878Queen Street at Bruce Street141000m SE
1851Masterton Club - Chapel Street141000m S
1855Masterton - Church Street141000m SE
1877Opaki Road at First Street141000m E
1981Wairarapa College opposite (school stop)141000m SW
1860Masterton Recreation Centre141000m SE
1881Wairarapa College - Pownall Street141000m SW
1890Panama Village - Ngaumutawa Road141000m W
1892Waterhouse Street at Stout Street141000m W
1895Oak Street at Colville Street141000m W
1951Renall Street at Essex Street141000m SW
1856Worksop Road - Countdown141000m S
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