Stop 7023: Crawford Road opposite Wellington Road

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20Courtenay Pl06:03
3Wgtn Station06:04
12Wgtn Station06:18
3Wgtn Station06:21
12Wgtn Station06:38
3Wgtn Station06:41
3Wgtn Station06:51
12Wgtn Station06:58
3Wgtn Station07:01
20Courtenay Pl07:03
3Wgtn Station07:08
3Wgtn Station07:16
3Wgtn Station07:24
3Wgtn Station07:30
3Wgtn Station07:37
3Wgtn Station07:44
3Wgtn Station07:58
3Wgtn Station08:05
742School Bus08:14
3Wgtn Station08:15
12Wgtn Station08:24
3Wgtn Station08:35
3Wgtn Station08:45
12Wgtn Station08:52
3Wgtn Station08:55
3Wgtn Station09:02
3Wgtn Station09:12
12Wgtn Station09:22
3Wgtn Station09:22
3Wgtn Station09:42
3Wgtn Station09:52
12Wgtn Station09:52
3Wgtn Station10:02
20Courtenay Pl10:08
3Wgtn Station10:22
12Wgtn Station10:22
3Wgtn Station10:32
3Wgtn Station10:42
12Wgtn Station10:52
3Wgtn Station10:52
3Wgtn Station11:02
20Courtenay Pl11:08
3Wgtn Station11:12
12Wgtn Station11:22
3Wgtn Station11:22
3Wgtn Station11:32
3Wgtn Station11:42
12Wgtn Station11:50
3Wgtn Station11:52
3Wgtn Station12:02
20Courtenay Pl12:08
3Wgtn Station12:12
12Wgtn Station12:20
3Wgtn Station12:22
3Wgtn Station12:32
12Wgtn Station12:50
3Wgtn Station12:52
3Wgtn Station13:02
20Courtenay Pl13:08
3Wgtn Station13:12
12Wgtn Station13:20
3Wgtn Station13:22
3Wgtn Station13:32
3Wgtn Station13:42
12Wgtn Station13:50
3Wgtn Station13:52
3Wgtn Station14:02
20Courtenay Pl14:08
3Wgtn Station14:12
12Wgtn Station14:22
3Wgtn Station14:22
3Wgtn Station14:42
12Wgtn Station14:52
3Wgtn Station14:52
3Wgtn Station15:02
20Courtenay Pl15:08
3Wgtn Station15:12
12Wgtn Station15:21
3Wgtn Station15:22
755School Bus15:30Cancelled
3Wgtn Station15:32
775School Bus15:34
3Wgtn Station15:42
12Wgtn Station15:51
3Wgtn Station15:52

Relevant alerts for stop Crawford Road opposite Wellington Road

15:13 15 May 2023

Miramar: Park Road at Rotherham Terrace bus stop improvements - from 26 April to June

Phase 1: Stop 6236 closes 26 April for up to 4 weeks. Use stop 5236. // Phase 2 (after 6236 reopens): Stop 7236 moves 50m south for up to 4 weeks. Dates may change due to weather or other reasons.

Valid from 01:16, Wednesday 26 April to 16:16, Friday 30 June

07:17 1 June 2023

3:20pm from Rongotai College to Wellington Station is cancelled

Valid from 15:20, Friday 2 June to 15:58, Friday 2 June

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