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Last updated at 06:38:19, Tuesday July 23

4Strathmore Pk06:373m late1 mins
2Seatoun06:383m late3 mins
1Island Bay06:45On time6 mins
20Kilbirnie06:50On time11 mins
24Miramar Hgts06:51On time12 mins
14Kilbirnie06:53On time14 mins
2Miramar06:57On time18 mins
1Island Bay07:06On time27 mins
4Strathmore Pk07:07On time28 mins
AXAirport07:10On time31 mins
2Seatoun07:12On time33 mins
23Houghton Bay07:12On time33 mins
24Miramar Hgts07:16On time37 mins
AXAirport07:20On time41 mins
1Island Bay07:27
2Miramar07:27On time48 mins
4Strathmore Pk07:32On time53 mins
2Seatoun07:34On time55 mins
20MtVic Lookout07:40
23Houghton Bay07:42
4Strathmore Pk07:47
1Island Bay07:51Cancelled
21Courtenay Pl-Scots07:51On time72 mins
1Island Bay07:58On time79 mins
4Strathmore Pk08:02On time83 mins
81Basin Reserve08:04
14Kilbirnie-Rong08:04On time85 mins
1Island Bay08:07
20MtVic Lookout08:10
60eCourt Pl/St Pat's08:10
23Houghton Bay08:11
1Island Bay08:13Cancelled
24Kilbirnie08:13On time94 mins
4Strathmore Pk08:17On time98 mins
1Island Bay08:19
24Miramar Hgts08:25
1Island Bay08:28Cancelled
4Strathmore Pk08:32
81Basin Reserve08:35
1Island Bay08:39On time120 mins
20MtVic Lookout08:40

Relevant alerts for stop Courtenay Place - Stop C

15:31 27 May 2024

Mairangi: Effective now, The last stop toward Mairangi is 5935 Mairangi Road at Norwich Street.

Valid from 15:28, Monday 27 May to 18:28, Wednesday 31 July

11:17 10 July 2024

Thorndon: Bus Stop #5312 Tinakori Rd opposite St Mary St temporarily Closed due to bus platform works, from 9am Mon 15 July to end of August 2024

Your nearest bus stop is #5313 Glenmore St at Botanic Gardens, which is located 100m at the entrance to Botanic Gardens.

Valid from 09:00, Monday 15 July to 20:09, Saturday 31 August

14:07 16 July 2024

City Centre: Route 21 buses do not travel via Courtenay Place due to watermain replacement works from Thursday 11 July.

Due to roadworks, buses are unable to turn from Taranaki Street into Courtenay Place, and Courtenay Place into Taranaki Street. Route 21 buses will start from Stop 6910 - Taranaki Street at Courtenay Place

Valid from 06:00, Thursday 11 July to 23:59, Thursday 31 October

More information

10:22 18 July 2024

City Centre: Stage one: Golden mile stops closed and buses detour during demonstrations 11:15am to 11:45am Tuesday 23 July.

Southbound buses toward Courtenay Pl detour via Victoria St. Northbound buses toward Wellington Station detour via Taranaki St, Jervois Qy and Brandon St. Participants travel to Parliament grounds via Lambton Quay at approx. 12:45pm. Buses will follow normal routes during this time.

Valid from 11:15, Tuesday 23 July to 13:15, Tuesday 23 July

More information

10:31 18 July 2024

City Centre: Stage two: Golden mile stops closed and buses detour during demonstrations 1:45pm to 2:30pm Tuesday 23 July.

Southbound buses toward Courtenay Pl will detour via Whitmore St, Customhouse Qy, Jervois Qy, and Taranaki St and do not pass all stops on Lambton Quay, A temporary stop is located outside 37 Customhouse Quay (Shed 13). Buses may also use Stop 5098 - Jervois Quay at Frank Kitts Park.

Valid from 13:15, Tuesday 23 July to 15:00, Tuesday 23 July

More information

06:25 23 July 2024

7:20am from Johnsonville West to Island Bay is cancelled

Valid from 07:20, Tuesday 23 July to 08:49, Tuesday 23 July

06:28 23 July 2024

7:33am from Grenada Village to Island Bay is cancelled

Valid from 07:33, Tuesday 23 July to 09:05, Tuesday 23 July

06:31 23 July 2024

7:00am from Johnsonville West to Island Bay is cancelled

Valid from 07:00, Tuesday 23 July to 08:21, Tuesday 23 July

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