Stop 5011: Lambton Quay North - Stop C

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Last updated at 07:59:07, Sunday May 26

3Wgtn Station08:076m early1 mins
AXWgtn Station08:124m early8 mins
7Wgtn Station08:26
AXWgtn Station08:358m early27 mins
20Wgtn Station08:33
3Wgtn Station08:37
23Wgtn Station08:39
3Wgtn Station08:529m early43 mins
27Wgtn Station08:48
AXWgtn Station08:50
17Wgtn Station08:55
7Wgtn Station08:56
AXWgtn Station09:058m early57 mins
3Wgtn Station09:07
29Wgtn Station09:07
AXWgtn Station09:20
3Wgtn Station09:22
7Wgtn Station09:27
20Wgtn Station09:33
AXWgtn Station09:35
3Wgtn Station09:37
27Wgtn Station09:48
AXWgtn Station09:50
3Wgtn Station09:52
23Wgtn Station09:54
17Wgtn Station09:56
7Wgtn Station09:59
AXWgtn Station10:05
29Wgtn Station10:07
3Wgtn Station10:11
AXWgtn Station10:20
3Wgtn Station10:26
7Wgtn Station10:33
20Wgtn Station10:33
AXWgtn Station10:35
3Wgtn Station10:41
27Wgtn Station10:48
AXWgtn Station10:50
23Wgtn Station10:54
3Wgtn Station10:56
17Wgtn Station10:56
7Wgtn Station11:03
AXWgtn Station11:05
29Wgtn Station11:09
3Wgtn Station11:11
AXWgtn Station11:20
3Wgtn Station11:26
7Wgtn Station11:33
20Wgtn Station11:33
AXWgtn Station11:35
3Wgtn Station11:46
AXWgtn Station11:50
27Wgtn Station11:53
23Wgtn Station11:54
17Wgtn Station11:56
3Wgtn Station12:01
7Wgtn Station12:03
AXWgtn Station12:05
29Wgtn Station12:11
3Wgtn Station12:16
AXWgtn Station12:20
3Wgtn Station12:31
20Wgtn Station12:33
7Wgtn Station12:33
AXWgtn Station12:35
3Wgtn Station12:46
AXWgtn Station12:50
27Wgtn Station12:53
23Wgtn Station12:54
17Wgtn Station12:56
3Wgtn Station13:01
7Wgtn Station13:03
AXWgtn Station13:05
29Wgtn Station13:11
3Wgtn Station13:16
AXWgtn Station13:20
3Wgtn Station13:31
20Wgtn Station13:33
AXWgtn Station13:35
7Wgtn Station13:37
3Wgtn Station13:46
AXWgtn Station13:50
23Wgtn Station13:54
17Wgtn Station13:56
27Wgtn Station13:59
3Wgtn Station14:01
AXWgtn Station14:05
7Wgtn Station14:07
29Wgtn Station14:15
3Wgtn Station14:16
AXWgtn Station14:20
3Wgtn Station14:31
20Wgtn Station14:33
AXWgtn Station14:35
7Wgtn Station14:37
3Wgtn Station14:46
AXWgtn Station14:50
23Wgtn Station14:54
17Wgtn Station14:55
27Wgtn Station14:59

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11:16 24 May 2024

Island Bay: Medway St Stop 6960 moved and buses detour during roadworks on Derwent St 7:30am-5:00pm Monday 27 May or when works complete.

Derwent St is closed northbound at Mersey St. Routes 29 and 39 will not pass stop 6960 on Medway St. Route 39 buses will start and end trips at the temporary stop outside 54 Mersey St.

Valid from 07:00, Monday 27 May to 17:30, Monday 27 May

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