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Last updated at 08:32:12, Monday February 26

32xMolesworth Street08:32On time0 mins
AXWellington Station08:2112m late0 mins
36Wellington Station08:258m late1 mins
35Wellington Station08:312m late1 mins
4Mairangi08:1815m late1 mins
30xWellington Station08:277m late2 mins
21Wrights Hill08:304m late2 mins
21VUW - Kelburn08:35On time2 mins
24Johnsonville08:279m late4 mins
2Karori08:315m late4 mins
2Lambton Quay08:37
31xWellington Station08:316m late5 mins
14Wilton08:343m late5 mins
1Grenada Village08:38On time5 mins
20Wellington Station08:423m early5 mins
35Wellington Station08:39On time6 mins
23Wellington Station08:444m early7 mins
21VUW - Kelburn08:40On time7 mins
32xMolesworth Street08:41On time8 mins
2Karori08:383m late8 mins
2Karori08:365m late9 mins
12eWellington Station08:2516m late9 mins
4Mairangi08:374m late9 mins
30xWellington Station08:42On time11 mins
AXWellington Station08:3112m late11 mins
29Wellington Station08:462m early11 mins
24Johnsonville08:44On time11 mins
1J'ville West08:44On time11 mins
14Molesworth Street08:45On time12 mins
36Wellington Station08:45On time12 mins
32xMolesworth Street08:537m early13 mins
12eWellington Station08:46Cancelled
2Karori08:46On time14 mins
AXWellington Station08:416m late15 mins
30xWellington Station08:48Cancelled
30xWellington Station08:47On time16 mins
31xWellington Station08:51On time17 mins
83Eastbourne08:50On time17 mins
21Wrights Hill08:50On time17 mins
AXWellington Station08:51
1Churton Park08:52On time19 mins
4Mairangi08:52On time19 mins
2Karori08:52On time19 mins
24Wellington Station08:54On time21 mins
21VUW - Kelburn08:56On time23 mins
32xMolesworth Street09:025m early24 mins
12eWellington Station09:014m early24 mins
35Wellington Station08:59On time26 mins
52Johnsonville09:00On time27 mins
1Grenada Village09:01On time28 mins
23Wellington Station09:1210m early29 mins
2Karori09:02On time29 mins
AXWellington Station09:013m late31 mins
36Wellington Station09:05
84Eastbourne09:05On time32 mins
21VUW - Kelburn09:05On time32 mins
2Karori09:06On time33 mins
20Wellington Station09:125m early34 mins
4Mairangi09:07On time34 mins
12eWellington Station09:09
29Wellington Station09:144m early37 mins
30xWellington Station09:10
1J'ville West09:10On time37 mins
AXWellington Station09:11On time40 mins
2Karori09:13On time40 mins
31xWellington Station09:112m late41 mins
2Karori09:19On time47 mins
21Wrights Hill09:20On time47 mins
83Lower Hutt09:20On time47 mins
1Churton Park09:20On time47 mins
24Johnsonville09:165m late48 mins
4Mairangi09:22On time49 mins
14Wilton09:23On time50 mins
36Wellington Station09:25On time52 mins
AXWellington Station09:215m late53 mins
21VUW - Kelburn09:27On time54 mins
1Grenada Village09:29On time56 mins
2Karori09:29On time56 mins
30xWellington Station09:28On time57 mins
31xWellington Station09:236m late57 mins
AXWellington Station09:30
52Johnsonville09:30On time57 mins
21VUW - Kelburn09:35
4Mairangi09:36On time63 mins
20Wellington Station09:425m early64 mins
29Wellington Station09:444m early67 mins
1J'ville West09:40
14Wilton09:40On time67 mins
AXWellington Station09:40
21VUW - Kelburn09:42On time69 mins
2Karori09:41On time70 mins
23Wellington Station09:45
2Karori09:49On time77 mins
1Churton Park09:50On time77 mins
AXWellington Station09:50

Relevant alerts for stop Courtenay Place - Stop A

15:49 23 February 2024

Johnsonville: Stop 3250 moved outside 28 Moorefield Rd until further notice.

Valid from 08:31, Monday 19 February to 15:31, Friday 1 March

15:13 23 February 2024

Houghton Bay: Hungerford Rd closed and buses detour 7:45am-5pm Monday 26 Feb-Thursday 29 Feb or when works are complete.

Services will not travel via Hungerford Rd or View Rd. School bus 725 is not impacted and follows the normal route each morning.

Valid from 00:00, Monday 26 February to 17:00, Thursday 29 February

More information

05:20 26 February 2024

7:10am from Johnsonville to Kilbirnie is cancelled

Valid from 07:10, Monday 26 February to 08:24, Monday 26 February

05:20 26 February 2024

7:15am from Island Bay to Johnsonville West is cancelled

Valid from 07:15, Monday 26 February to 08:25, Monday 26 February

05:20 26 February 2024

8:36am from Johnsonville West to Island Bay is cancelled

Valid from 08:36, Monday 26 February to 09:51, Monday 26 February

06:03 26 February 2024

7:45am from Churton Park to Island Bay is cancelled

Valid from 07:45, Monday 26 February to 09:14, Monday 26 February

06:23 26 February 2024

7:30am from Johnsonville to Miramar Shops is cancelled

Valid from 07:30, Monday 26 February to 09:06, Monday 26 February

06:23 26 February 2024

7:25am from Churton Park to Island Bay is cancelled

Valid from 07:25, Monday 26 February to 08:58, Monday 26 February

07:02 26 February 2024

8:16am from Scorching Bay to Wellington Station is cancelled

Valid from 08:16, Monday 26 February to 09:10, Monday 26 February

07:05 26 February 2024

8:08am from Strathmore Park to Wellington Station is cancelled

Valid from 08:08, Monday 26 February to 09:05, Monday 26 February

07:08 26 February 2024

7:51am from Kilbirnie to Lambton Quay North is cancelled

Valid from 07:51, Monday 26 February to 08:19, Monday 26 February

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