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Last updated at 07:04:52, Monday May 20

1Grenada Vlg07:032m late0 mins
AXWgtn Station07:07On time0 mins
31xWgtn Station07:032m late0 mins
2Karori07:04On time0 mins
30xWgtn Station07:06On time2 mins
20Wgtn Station07:123m early4 mins
2Lambton Quay07:10On time5 mins
29Wgtn Station07:12On time5 mins
23Wgtn Station07:13
4Mairangi07:17On time12 mins
24Wgtn Station07:18On time13 mins
12eWgtn Station07:223m early13 mins
2Karori07:19On time14 mins
1Churton Park07:19On time14 mins
21Wrights Hill07:20On time15 mins
83Eastbourne07:20On time15 mins
30xWgtn Station07:307m early17 mins
35Wgtn Station07:23On time18 mins
36Wgtn Station07:25On time20 mins
31xWgtn Station07:346m early22 mins
AXWgtn Station07:302m early22 mins
14Marsden Sch07:28
1Grenada Vlg07:29On time24 mins
2Karori07:29On time24 mins
32xMolesworth St07:29
52Johnsonville07:30On time25 mins
60eWhitireia-Por07:33On time28 mins
20Wgtn Station07:425m early31 mins
1J'ville West07:39
21Wrights Hill07:40On time35 mins
24Johnsonville07:41On time36 mins
32xMolesworth St07:41
23Wgtn Station07:42
29Wgtn Station07:44
AXWgtn Station07:45
36Wgtn Station07:45
35Wgtn Station07:46On time41 mins
4Mairangi07:48On time43 mins
30xWgtn Station07:50
2Karori07:52On time47 mins
1Churton Park07:52On time47 mins
60eWhitireia-Por07:52On time47 mins
32xMolesworth St07:53
30xWgtn Station08:0814m early48 mins
31xWgtn Station07:54
12eWgtn Station07:55
35Wgtn Station07:59
21Wrights Hill08:00On time55 mins
AXWgtn Station08:01
1Grenada Vlg08:01
36Wgtn Station08:05
84Eastbourne08:05On time60 mins
2Lambton Quay08:06
32xMolesworth St08:08
24Wgtn Station08:09
12eWgtn Station08:10
AXWgtn Station08:11
35Wgtn Station08:11
1J'ville West08:11
30xWgtn Station08:12
20Wgtn Station08:12
29Wgtn Station08:196m early68 mins
31xWgtn Station08:14
23Wgtn Station08:14
21Wrights Hill08:15
35Wgtn Station08:17
4Mairangi08:18On time73 mins
1Churton Park08:19On time74 mins
32xMolesworth St08:20
AXWgtn Station08:21
2Lambton Quay08:22
12eWgtn Station08:25
36Wgtn Station08:25
30xWgtn Station08:27
21Wrights Hill08:30
31xWgtn Station08:31
2Karori08:31On time86 mins
35Wgtn Station08:31
AXWgtn Station08:31
23Wgtn Station08:4412m early86 mins
32xMolesworth St08:419m early86 mins

Relevant alerts for stop Courtenay Place - Stop A

13:41 17 May 2024

Berhampore: Luxford St Stop 7123 closed 24hrs during roadworks from Monday 20 May until works complete.

Customers should use stop 7124 approximately 150m west toward Adelaide Rd.

Valid from 07:00, Monday 20 May to 16:41, Wednesday 29 May

13:09 15 May 2024

Johnsonville: Stop 3252 closed 24 hours during roadworks on Johnsonville Rd between Monday 20 and Friday 31 May or when works complete.

Due to no safe location to move this stop, the last opportunity for customers to board routes 1 and 60e toward Wellington City will be at Stop 3081 - Johnsonville - Stop B located at the Johnsonville Bus Interchange.

Valid from 00:00, Monday 20 May to 17:00, Friday 31 May

15:43 15 May 2024

Island Bay: bus stop Island Bay Shops – The Parade, stop 6132 temporarily moved, from 7am, Thursday 16 May until further notice

As work progresses along Island Bay Parade, southbound bus stop 6132 will move from its temporary location near Island Bay Medical Centre at no.169 The Parade to outside no. 127 The Parade. This stop will remain in this location for approximately 2 months.

Valid from 07:00, Thursday 16 May to 18:36, Monday 15 July

06:51 20 May 2024

7:45am from Porirua Station to Courtenay Place is cancelled

Valid from 07:45, Monday 20 May to 08:55, Monday 20 May

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