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22Wgtn Station22:16On time34 mins
21Courtenay Pl22:16On time34 mins
21Courtenay Pl23:16On time94 mins
22Wgtn Station23:16
22Wgtn Station06:28
21Courtenay Pl06:34
37Brandon St06:56
22Wgtn Station07:02
21Courtenay Pl07:04
37Brandon St07:26
22Wgtn Station07:33
21Courtenay Pl-Scots07:39
37Brandon St07:50
791School Bus07:52
22Wgtn Station07:55
736School Bus08:02
21Courtenay Pl08:03
736School Bus08:07
737School Bus08:12
768School Bus08:12
737School Bus08:14
22Molesworth St - Wgt08:15
37Brandon St08:16
737School Bus08:16
741Wellington College08:20
21Courtenay Pl08:22
22Wgtn Station08:23
22Wgtn Station08:33
21Courtenay Pl08:43
22Wgtn Station08:45
22Wgtn Station08:58
21Courtenay Pl09:00
22Wgtn Station09:06
22Wgtn Station09:13
21Courtenay Pl09:19
22Wgtn Station09:21
21Courtenay Pl09:34
22Wgtn Station09:41
21Courtenay Pl09:49
22Wgtn Station09:53
22Wgtn Station10:01
21Courtenay Pl10:04
22Wgtn Station10:11
21Courtenay Pl10:19
22Wgtn Station10:19
22Wgtn Station10:29
21Courtenay Pl10:34
22Wgtn Station10:39
22Wgtn Station10:49
21Courtenay Pl10:49
22Wgtn Station11:01
21Courtenay Pl11:04
22Wgtn Station11:11
21Courtenay Pl11:19
22Wgtn Station11:21
22Wgtn Station11:29
21Courtenay Pl11:34
22Wgtn Station11:39
22Wgtn Station11:49
21Courtenay Pl11:49
22Wgtn Station12:01
22Wgtn Station12:11
21Courtenay Pl12:19
22Wgtn Station12:21
21Courtenay Pl12:34
22Wgtn Station12:37
22Wgtn Station12:47
21Courtenay Pl12:49
22Wgtn Station12:59
21Courtenay Pl13:04
21Courtenay Pl13:19
22Wgtn Station13:19
22Wgtn Station13:27
21Courtenay Pl13:34
22Wgtn Station13:37
21Courtenay Pl13:49
22Wgtn Station13:59
21Courtenay Pl14:04
22Wgtn Station14:09
21Courtenay Pl14:19
22Wgtn Station14:19
22Wgtn Station14:27
21Courtenay Pl14:34
22Wgtn Station14:37
22Wgtn Station14:48
21Courtenay Pl14:49
22Wgtn Station14:59
21Courtenay Pl15:04

Relevant alerts for stop Wellington University - Stop A

08:28 13 March 2023

Wellington University – Stop A bus stop 4915 temporarily moved further down approx.100m to outside no.14a Kelburn Parade from Tuesday 14 March

This move is required due to excavation and plumbing works located out front of the Murphy Building for The Living Pa project.

Valid from 05:00, Tuesday 14 March to 16:00, Friday 4 August

11:19 21 March 2023

Kilbirnie: buses towards Miramar and Seatoun detour via Kemp St, between 9am to 4pm, new extended dates - Tuesday 21 to Friday 24 March.

Detour due to re-surfacing works resulting in eastbound closure of Rongotai Rd. A temporary bus stop is located outside ASB centre, opposite no. 77 Kemp St. Stop 6027 on Rongotai Rd nr 119 and stop 6028 Rongotai at Troy St temporarily closed, please use temporary stop outside ASB centre on Kemp St.

Valid from 09:00, Thursday 16 March to 16:30, Monday 27 March

17:23 22 March 2023

Wellington City: CupaDupa Festival, buses detour, bus stops closed, starts 11:59pm Friday 24 to 11:59pm Sunday 26 March

Due to several road closures around Cuba Street, most bus services will detour away from Willis Street & Manners Street. Route 7, 17 & 25 services will not detour. Click on More Information below for maps and details.

Valid from 23:59, Friday 24 March to 00:15, Monday 27 March

More information

11:55 23 March 2023

Wellington and Porirua: Previously suspended weekday trips will run during school holidays - weekdays, Monday 24 April to Friday 5 May

The trips will show on website timetables, stop departure pages and RTI screens. Trips will be suspended again after the school holidays.

Valid from 03:49, Monday 24 April to 23:49, Friday 28 April

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